Musa Interior Waterproofing Contracts Ltd is a specialist waterproofing company working in the construction industry providing protection of structures from failure due to water. With a director with 10 years of experience in waterproofing / tanking and a specialist team of workers.

We use a range of different materials type A Barrier protection, type C drained protection and can install waterbars type B. The material used and the type of protection required is all dependant on the site conditions and what grade of waterproofing protection the client requires. These materials include Cavity Drain Membranes, Liquid Applied Membranes, Bentonite Clay Active Membranes, Bonded Sheet Membranes, Cementitious Crystalization Active Systems, Proprietary Cementitious Multi Coat Renders , Toppings and Coatings, Waterstops and Injection Resins.

Musa Interior Waterproofing Contracts have successfully carried out the Waterproofing/Tanking of many underground structures in London enabling the client to turn unused areas into a clean habitable living space. We work on new and existing buildings carrying out a wide range of services whether you require a whole basement tanked or you need remedial work done where there are isolated leaking cracks which can be stopped using injection resins.

Musa Interior Waterproofing Contracts offer a full service including the preparation of all surfaces, supply and installation of all material and a 10 year guarantee on all our workmanship as well as offering an Insurance Backed Guarantee if the client requires one.

Musa Interior Waterproofing Contracts offer free quotation and on site evaluations. Our clients include small residential customers as well as larger construction companies which include Costains, Skanska, Mansell, Cape Construction as well as many others.

Musa Interior Waterproofing Contracts are also specialist sealant applicators supplying our services to both small developers and major construction companies. We offer a wide range of sealant services from new build houses, office blocks, concrete movement joints and fire rated sealant.

Musa Interior Waterproofing Contracts are based in Essex and operate throughout the South East including Lahore and Pakistan. construction industry delivering quality services safely and on time and is why we have been accepted to become a member of the Musa Interior Waterproofing Association a trade body for professional waterproofing companies and we are also Chas Accredited.

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